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If you have an "Office" program with a word processor such such as MS Word or Macintosh Pages, download this first version of the enrolment form by clicking on the image below.

You can then fill the form out on your computer.

This gives you two options. You can print the form out ready to hand in OR you can save it with a new name on your computer and then attach the resulting file to an email and send it to us electronically.


You can download the pdf version by clicking on the image below.

This version cannot be edited on your computer, but must be printed then filled out by hand.

How can I enrol in a Kingborough U3A Course?

Depending on your computer skills, here's how...

  1. If you receive a paper copy of the newsletter you will find an enrolment form for the current term in it.

    Fill it out with your trusty pen and either post it to us or bring it along in the enrolment week, or even put it in the box on the wall at U3A Headquarters.

  2. You may pick up a paper copy of the enrolment form from the desk in the hallway at U3A Headquarters during the enrolment period and fill it in right there and then and leave it with us.

  3. You can also download a copy of the enrolment form from the website by clicking on the image at right and fill it out according to the instructions there.

  4. For the truly adventurous, log in to your personal account from the 'Home' page and fill out the form on-line. You will need to apply for a password to do this.

  5. If all else fails, and it sometimes does, you can send us an email including your name and your member number and a list of the course codes for those you want to attend.

The email and postal addresses can be found on the Home page of the site. Here's the email address again, just in case...

Your course enrolment will NOT be confirmed to you. We will ONLY contact you if there is a problem. Assume that all is OK and turn up on the day.

Please assist by ticking the appropriate box on the class list as you enter the venue to indicate that you are present. This is required for safety considerations should the venue need to be evacuated.