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How to use this website


Immediately above you will see a button labelled Click to open menu panel

If you feel adventurous try it now.

You will see a large version of all the menu items you are allowed to access. These items are exactly the same as the items you will find on the drop down menu lists at the top right, just a little larger.

The button will be replaced by one labelled Click to close menu panel.

This panel is available on every page but is concealed unless you specifically ask for it.

Navigating our site

Demonstration help This is a demonstration help panel just so that you can see what one looks like.


The coloured panel above has links to take you to the various pages of the site. Clicking or tapping on the links will take you to that page.

The Public drop down menu inside the U3A Logo also has the same list of links so you can get to the public pages, even if the navigation panel is not part of the page you happen to be reading.

On a computer, simply hovering the mouse over the menu name causes it to drop down and reveal its contents. Move the mouse up and down the list and select your item of interest by clicking on the mouse.

On a pad, tapping on the menu name has the same effect.

If the menus are a bit awkward for your fingers, or the typeface is a little small, clicking on the menu heading gives you a version of that menu in a navigation style pane. On a pad, you will need to tap the menu name a second time.

If you see the word `help` somewhere on a page, usually just below a heading, tapping on the word will display some contextual help. Tapping away from the help panel will close it again.


Existing members, past and present

The members only area of the site is only available to registered members. Your username is your membership code which is of the form kyy/nnn where k = Kingston, lower case, yy is the year you joined and nnn is the serial number of your membership

If you forget your password, or in fact don't know it at all, go to the Sign in link which you will find at the bottom of the Public menu. A message will be sent to the email address that we have on record for you and you can set up a password which only you will know.

Once you have member access to the site you will be able to read the bulletins, take part in the forums and enrol directly for courses.


Prospective Members

On the Public menu you will find a Sign up option. You will, of course, not have a membership code so one will be be provided for you..

Please create your member profile as soon as you can.