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Questions & Answers

What is U3A?

U3A stands for the University of the Third Age, which is a self-help organisation providing educational, creative and leisure opportunities in a friendly environment.
The U3A approach to learning is that learning is for pleasure.

Who can join U3A Kingborough?

U3A is for people who are in the 3rd age (retired or semi- retired)

Why the third age?

The Third Age comes from a definition of a typical lifespan into three ages (stages) that may loosely be described as follows: the First Age being that of childhood and youthful dependence, leading to the Second Age of independence, maturity, home building and work, leading to the Third Age of active retirement.

What are the educational pre requisites?

There are no pre requirements, no accreditation, and there are no assessments or qualifications to be gained

Are the venues friendly to those with mobility problems?

All the venues are accessible for those with disabilities.

Is there free car parking available?

Yes, free parking is available at both Kingston and Woodbridge.
Enter via Church Street.
There is some free parking in Church Street as well as on the roof top or in the basement of the Channel Court Shopping Centre.
Please do not park in either of the Council or Library Car Parks.

Parking is adjacent to the centre.

How long do the courses run for?

Most courses run for 10 weeks (a term) and are 1 hour duration.

Which days are courses on?

Most courses run on week days, during the day time.
Some social events are at the weekend.

How much does it cost to join?

Annual membership is $60 per person, with a discount to $50 if joining in term 2, $35 if joining in term 3 and $25 if joining in term 4. This membership gives access to all courses throughout the year in any U3A Kingborough venue.

Must I enrol for courses?

You do need to enrol in courses after joining the U3A.
If there is room, members are invited to sit in on other courses during the week but please give your name to the Class Representative on arrival.
Visitors are also invited to "try before you buy".

How do I contact U3A Kingborough Inc.

All the contact details are in the Welcome page. We have mail, email and phone. During term times there is always someone you can speak with between classes at 8 Hutchins Street.

Who owns the buildings?

The Hutchins Street centre where we meet is managed by the Kingston Library . We are a tenant only. We have no other relationship with the Library

How much does each course cost?

There is no charge for any course. All our presenter volunteer their services. Where a course has some consumables, participants are expected to provide their own materials.

How many courses can I participate in?

There is no limit. Once you are a member then the entire program is open to you. It just becomes a matter of you managing your time.

How do I enrol in courses?

You can enrol by filling out the enrolment form. This can be on paper which can then be posted in or left in the box in the corridor at Hutchins Street.
You can also fill out the form and attach it to an email.
If you have a password you can enrol directly through this site.