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Here is the way to create your unique membership form...

Click on the icon below to go to a page where you can enter your details.

Once those details are complete, you simply press on the [Go...] button and there is your filled in membership form.

This document is already in portable document (pdf) format ready for you to print or save directly from the web browser.

You don't need any specialised software, everything takes place in your web browser - you're already using it to read this.

The data in this process is not stored in any way. You can fill out the form for yourself and then fill it out for someone else. Just don't forget to print/save your own form before you create someone else's for them.

Becoming A Member

Joining U3A Kingborough is easy.

Simply fill in the form and bring or send it to us with your subscription.

There is an explanation of the process on the form itself.

Please note that membership and course enrolment are two separate functions and each has its own form.


Existing Members

We keep your personal information from year to year so you only need to tell us if something has changed.

You can do this yourself by logging in as a member or you may fill out a membership form and send or hand it to us at Kingston.

Either log in using the drop down menu at the top right, or select the membership form at right.



You must re-join every year.

Your membership number remains the same, even from as far as back as 2000.

There are four terms

Membership is $60.00 for the full year.

Members joining after term 1 are offerred a discounted membership fee as follows:

Second term: 50.00

Third term: 35.00

Fourth term 25.00

Once you are a member all courses are free. Some courses may have additional costs for consumable items.


Emailing Documents

Please note that there is only one email address for all correspondence.


Joining On-line

To supply your details directly to the website just click on this link or tap on the 'join' link in the panel above.


Paying your membership dues

We can accept payment in cash, by cheque, by direct deposit (EFT) and card.

Bank name: Westpac

BSB: 037-015

Account#: 129826

Note: If you are paying by EFT, please ensure that there is indentifying information on the transaction record so we know where the funds have come from.

Similarly, if paying by cheque, please make sure that your name, and member code if you know it, is clearly written on the back.