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The Corona Virus Situation


Below you will find the announcements regarding the Corona Virus situation as it develops.


The Tasmanian Government has removed most restrictions regarding gathering together in groups. Class size limits have been relaxed. The use of masks in confined spaces is still advised, but at the wearer’s discretion.

Created on: Tuesday, 14-Jun-2022, 19:13

Outdoor activities are now allowed subject to maximum group numbers and adherence to distance requirements.
Currently there will be no car pooling.
Your group organiser will contact your group members about starting dates and times.

Created on: Wednesday, 03-Jun-2020, 13:59

The current corona virus pandemic which is taking up large amounts of radio and television space requires us to have a position regarding our programmes.

Please note that the primary piece of advice is that, knowing our own circumstances particularly, each of us must act in our own, considered, best interest.

Please note that any any advice given here is very much ‘in the moment’ and is subject to change without notice.

Update 20-04-2020

The link below is to a document from Sally. If it’s too long to quote in full on a web page like this, click on the link to download the original to your computer or device

From the President May 2020.docx

Here it is...

From the President May 2020

Hi all,

This is supposed to be a report of how we enjoyed term one, and what to look forward to in term two. Apart from the first two weeks, there is nothing to report!

Yes, sadly we must cancel term two, at least until we hear otherwise. Rest assured, as soon as we get the go-ahead we will let you know.

In the mean time, it’s important to keep ourselves occupied and connected. I dislike the term “social distancing” rather than physical distancing, as we can remain social albeit remotely.

For those with internet access, there are many ways of doing this (Skype, What’sapp, Zoom, Google Chat etc). And there is always the good old-fashioned telephone. For those with a smart phone it is possible to link several people for a group chat. (Make a call to one person, press the menu button and press Add call). Don’t worry if you haven’t got such a facility, as you can still be connected to others on a group call. If you would like to do that and don’t know how, just give me a call on 0438897533 and I can link you up. So groups such as Have Your Say, Round Quiz, Poetry etc could continue by phone. If you are interested, let me know.

Some of you book-lovers may have been caught short with the sudden closure of the State Library. If you would like a top-up of physical reading material, I am happy to open our U3A library, by appointment (one at a time), so either phone or email me. For those with internet, State Library has plenty of e-books and audio books available on line. As well as that, you can google “45 places you can download tens of thousands books, plays and literary texts”. Titles are free and should keep you going for several lifetimes.

For those of you who would like to do some U3A type courses, there are plenty of sites available, and I have listed some of them here.

U3A online: costs $30 per year but has many fascinating topics, including history, nature, writing, science etc.

Also there is more on

Then there is which offers courses from 2 to 10 weeks on line from universities around the world. Most courses are free, or you can pay and earn a diploma on a very wide range of subjects, covering everything under the sun (and beyond!)

If you join our own Kingborough U3A Facebook page and scroll through it, you will find links to a whole lot of other interesting things.

For those missing their exercise groups, You Tube has a lot to offer, for example:

Better Bones and Balance

If these are too strenuous, keep scrolling through you tube for something that suits you.

There is also Zumba for beginners and seniors, Fit over 50, Tai chi Qui Gong

Bridge players who might be forgetting how to play, have a look at

and music lovers might like to try music from our TSO on

For crossword addicts:

And crypticaholics

And Sudoku

Crafty people might find inspiration on the Kingborough Council website under Kindacts (Kingborough Daily Art Community Teaching and Support) which covers arts, craft and creative activities…”to engage the bodies and minds of our older residents” You can phone the council for more information and to get a kit on 6211 8290 or 6211 8170

The Australian Ballet is offering performances on line now and you can watch live performances from your armchair. Go to to find out when the next performance is due. Another stunning site showing world class theatre on-line is

If art and art galleries are your thing, try

And for those trying their hand at creative writing, get inspiration from

If any of you have any bright ideas on ways to hook up with each other, let me know. I know that one Ramblers group are sending in photos taken on their solo walks, and they are put on to their blog page

And Book Chatters are emailing each other their latest “read” and recommendations (or not) to each other.

I know that we are currently in a very strange and unprecedented time, and that things are very tough for some. One of our members, Kate McVea, was on board the Ruby Pincess. Her husband contracted the virus, but so far she hasn’t, but has been in isolation and nursing Grier, who is slowly recovering. We wish you both well.

So I urge you to reach out, connect, and don’t lose your sense of humour

I have been entertaining myself by watching Kath and Kim on You Tube, and loving the malapropisms: Kath “My favourite dish is rack off lamb”. Kim and Sharon (when hungry) “I’m ravishing. Kath: “I’ve led a long and preposterous life. Kim: I will get the power of eternity. Kath: I would like to see the aborigines in Almond Land. Kim: (wanting to get pregnant) I think I need futility treatment. Kath: We are effluent, Kim!

And finally, on the current isolation issue, does anyone know if we can take showers yet, or should we just keep washing our hands? They told me I would be ok if I wore a mask and gloves, but it isn’t true. Other people are wearing clothes!

Keep smiling, stay warm, and contact me any time.


O438 897 533

ps Some of our members do not have internet. If you know who they are, please give them a call and help keep them in the loop.

Created on: Friday, 15-May-2020, 20:42