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U3A Mailing list

Our U3A Kingborough Inc. emailing list is hosted by

We use this list to send you email messages announcing such things as up-coming events and the availability of the latest newsletter.

To join the list, click on this link and you will be taken to the sign-up page

You can leave the list at any time using the Unsubscribe link which you find in all of the email messages which come to you via the list.

If you do unsubscribe from the list and you want a printed newsletter instead, you must advise us of the change.

Alternatively, send a message via the address below requesting to be unsubscribed. Make sure your email address and name are included in the request email.

If you unsubscribe from the list, the privacy policy of the list manager prevents us from putting you back on the list. If you wish to return to the list you will have to join as detailed above.

Contacting U3A Kingborough Inc.

Please note that here is now only one email address for contacting U3A Kingborough about any matter.

There is now no other email address being monitored. Please update your address book.

Your message will be forwarded on to the appropriate person