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Join U3A Kingborough online

Have you thought about joining U3A Kingborough? Maybe you have a special interest or area of expertise you would like to share with us.

If you have ever been a member of U3A Kingborough you will already have an entry in our database.

If you have presented a course in the past you will also have a member record.

Your membership number - it's on your badge if you have one - will also be your username if you want to log in to your account in the database.

Provided you have a current email address in our records then you can also have your own password. Please indicate on the form if you want this.

If you have changed your email address or if you are just not sure, fill in the form at right and click on the Save button. We will get back to you as soon as it is practical to do so.

Items marked with a red star (*) are required


Membership dues are as follows:

Whole year: $60.00

Joining in term 2: $50.00

Joining in term 3: $35.00

Joining in term 4 $25.00

Presenters: Complimentary

Your membership subscription can be in cash, by cheque or by direct deposit.

If you register in person, there is also a card payment option.

Bank: Westpac

BSB: 037-015

Account #: 129826

Please make sure that your payment can be identified.

Special note: This online membership process is very new and is currently somewhat experimental. If you don't hear back from us in a reasonable time, please contact us directly by email (address on the home page) letting us know what did or didn't happen. It's nothing personal, just a development glitch to be managed.

Membership Application Form

Select your member category first:   *

Member number/username (if known):

Given name: *

Preferred name: *

Family name: *

Primary Email: *

Primary Telephone: *

Send me a password: Yes   No   (if you already know your password select No)

OR You can choose your own password. It must be at least 9 characters long AND have at least 1 number, 1 uppercase letter, 1 lowercase and 1 special character


Password again:


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Press to save...