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Friday Activities

The courses page grew too long to be able to comfortably read it so the content has been divided up into individual days.

There is also a separate page for Woodbridge based activities.

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No activities available at present.



Start DateSessionsTimeLocationCourse TitlePresenter



10:30 - 11:30

Woodbridge Church

Meditation - Woodbridge

Margaret Jacobs

A quiet mind brings a sense of peace and encourages innerstrength. Research shows that meditation also has many physiological as well as mental benefits. When the normally incessant mental dialogue ceases for a while then anxiety falls away and this facilitates healing on many levels. Practising meditation in a group creates an atmosphere that enhances the process making it easier to learn. In these sessions you will be guided through the processes that led to a quiet mind and a feeling of peace.For more information on this course you can contact Margaret at