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Membership form creator

You fill in the details here and then, when you press on the 'Go...' button at the bottom, your answers will be filled into a membership form for you.

If you leave a required field empty the button will be labelled 'incomplete' and will not be operable.

Fields which are required are initially coloured red. Once filled in they revert to the standard blue.

We need at least one of 'telephone' or 'email', preferably both, so we can contact you at short notice should a class be cancelled or otherwise altered.

The data in this form will not be recorded in any way until the paper or pdf version is sent/given to us by you..

Title First name Famiy name

Preferred name for badge   Member code: (if known)

I am a ... Returning member:   New member:     Does this form contain any details which need to be updated? Yes   No

Telephone: Email:


Address type:

Newsletter: I need a printed copy of the newsletter Yes   No

Covid inoculation status: None:   Up to date

Payment method: Cash   Cheque   Money order   Direct debit