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Woodbridge Activities

The courses page grew too long to be able to comfortably read it so the content has been divided up into individual days.

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13:30 - 15:30



Self Managed

Only 26 letters and in their infinite permutations produce the thousands of words with which we can communicate either by reading, writing, or speaking. Join our discussion group to talk about a book you are reading, a poem you love, an interesting article or a cartoon that particularly appeals. Or maybe you have written something you would like to share. Any genre from the sublime to the ridiculous. Explore words that have changed meaning over time, words that have disappeared, new words that puzzle. All fascinating stuff and interesting to explore and discuss.


10:30 - 11:30

Woodbridge Church

Meditation - Woodbridge

Margaret Jacobs

A quiet mind brings a sense of peace and encourages innerstrength. Research shows that meditation also has many physiological as well as mental benefits. When the normally incessant mental dialogue ceases for a while then anxiety falls away and this facilitates healing on many levels. Practising meditation in a group creates an atmosphere that enhances the process making it easier to learn. In these sessions you will be guided through the processes that led to a quiet mind and a feeling of peace.For more information on this course you can contact Margaret at