U3A Kingborough


Corona Virus Response

The current corona virus pandemic which is taking up large amounts of radio and television space requires us to have a position regarding our programmes.

Please note that the primary piece of advice is that, knowing our own circumstances particularly, each of us must act in our own, considered, best interest.

Please note that any any advice given here is very much ‘in the moment’ and is subject to change without notice.

Update 19-03-2020

Further advice and discussion has lead the committee to call off all Kingston based classes for the present. Westwinds courses are continuing at present. Watch this space!!!

The payment of hire fees for the Hutchins Street building has also suspended so we have no access to classrooms until the situation resolves itself and we resume our lease.

Small groups of friends are free to continue meeting in an unofficial capacity just as they might during holiday break times. This is a matter of personal choice for those individuals.